cropped-floppyhatadventureslogo_withcartoonface.jpgHello, and welcome to Floppy Hat Adventures! My name is William Bessette and I am a freelance writer and overall adventurer. Whether it be reviewing a new restaurant in my home town of Portland, Oregon, or jetting off to new corner of the country or world, I’m usually on the go.

This is why I’ve created Floppy Hat Adventures. My mission is to introduce you to new and exciting parts of the world and the communities that make up our diverse global fabric.

My focus is on eco-tourism, community involvement, dining, adventuring and LGBTQ travel.

I will be introducing you through articles, photos and videos, to places all over the globe through videos, blogs and articles. Through my partnership with Eco Companion, I will be bringing you the latest in eco-tourism from across the world.

So join me in my adventures as I discover the travel secrets you want to know.

Now grab your floppy hat and let’s go!